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The #1 marketing and patient conversion platform for healthcare providers

Review Wave is a specialized marketing platform for healthcare practices that automizes the management of the reviews, rankings, patient retention, and even the SEO of these institutions in order to increase their reputation and grow their customer base and the reliability of their business in record time. Because of their vast range of services and functionalities, Review Wave approached us to supply a great need for talent to assemble a multi-disciplinary, specialized team—and we delivered.
Skyrocketing online visibility and reputation to make good practices acclaimed businesses
With currently over 5,623 practitioners using their services, Review Wave is a patient engagement automation platform that manages reviews, SEO, online scheduling, digital forms, and more to convert prospects into new patients and give them the best service experience, retaining customers to make those companies grow rapidly.

That’s why we used all of our recruitment force and expertise to quickly find not less than several frontend, backend, and QA engineers with diverse skills such as React, React Native, Node.js, PHP, QA automation, and more in record time.



97 members


11 full-time devs


5 weeks

How we maximized Review Wave’s output power through elite talent augmentation

The goal
Support Review Wave in their multiple ambitious endeavors of refactoring, enhancing, adding features, and more by providing frontend, backend, and even QA engineers with experience in technologies such as React, React Native, Node JS, PHP, and QA Automation.
The challenge
In under five weeks, we had to establish the foundations of this very ambitious partnership by taking the following steps:

  1. Crafting a robust recruitment process tailored to meet the specific requirements of Review Wave while also meeting the expected number of hires.
  2. Conducting comprehensive technical evaluations for a select group of candidates to pinpoint the most skilled individuals in both hard and soft skills.
  3. Nurturing a robust talent experience strategy aimed at enhancing commitment among our developers to their ongoing projects.
The impact
Review Wave was looking for a multi-disciplinary augmentation of talent to launch their platform into the sky by refactoring, implementing features, and overall stepping it up.

We not only quickly found engineers that matched Review Wave’s specific technological requests, but also that had exceptional minds and creative skills that made their work surpass everyone’s expectations.

As a highlight, one of the engineers helped implement a new Payment Gateway, which is the one that processes payments and has facilitated many processes and generated more revenue. Likewise, the engineers made so many great improvements to one of Review Wave’s external branch companies that they saw the enterprise’s potential and made the decision to buy it and make it officially part of Review Wave.

A framework focused on retention

Keeping the recently onboarded elite talent just as engaged for months and even years as the first day is not only an art but the single most important factor for the success of any technological project. At, we are very aware of that. This is what led us to develop the Talent Experience Management Framework™—a system made to guarantee maximum motivation and satisfaction from every developer in the team.

In projects like that of Review Wave, where lots of talent was rapidly added to the company, the TEM program played a crucial role in how successful and happy such a large and diverse team of engineers has been in the long run.
We keep track of the engagement and productivity of each team member.
We care about our developers' emotions, enthusiasm, and expectations.
We identify areas for growth and provide support to help our talented individuals thrive and be recognized.

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