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I'm a developer

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About BEON

BEON connects the brightest Latin American talent with the most innovative and disruptive U.S. companies. You’ll get access to a custom vetted pool of full-time, long-term, remote software jobs with compensation comparable to U.S. based positions. To join BEON is to be in a devs-first company, which means you are the priority when it comes to decision-making, client selection, and growth planning.

About the onboarding process

What does the interview with the talent specialist involve?+

It’s a 15-minute matching call where a Talent Specialist will tell you more about BEON and listen to your goals and concerns regarding your career.

What are the technical assessments like?+

They are friendly interviews in which we learn how you work in your natural work environment. We don’t have you take algorithmic tests or judge you for small mistakes. We want to visualize how you perform in an environment similar to the one you will be in every day if you become a BEONer.

How much time will I need to dedicate to the selection process?+

Not much! We have designed the steps to be smooth and friendly and they will only take about an hour and a half to complete. Processes may vary between clients, but the main idea is to get to know each other to align expectations.

How much time will it take for me to join your team?+

The total process takes four weeks from the day you have your first interview with us. During the first two weeks, we'll find the perfect match and once you have a seat confirmed, we generally set a 2 weeks period for you to join.

Compensation, contract, and more

How do I receive compensation?+

You can choose the payment option that suits you best. We offer flexible payments in crypto, wire transfer, Wise, PayPal, or Payoneer. Payments are consistently made between the 1st and 10th of each month.

Do you provide the hardware to work?+

We want to make sure you start working with brand-new gear, so we provide a Welcome Package of US$1,500 to acquire a new Macbook Pro. If the client you are working with has requirements for additional hardware, we’ll take care of that.

What will my working schedule look like?+

The schedule is flexible. The idea is to have a good overlap with the client’s working hours and to work around 40 hours per week (a typical full-time commitment).

What are the terms and conditions of the contract?+

All of our jobs include a long-term, indefinite agreement. We focus on engaging, full-time relationships for each party involved.

What are the growth opportunities?+

Growing your career in the direction you want is one of our core values, as is keeping your compensation competitive and equivalent to U.S.-based positions.

When you join BEON, you will be assigned a Talent Experience Manager™ who will guide you from the beginning to define your professional goals. You will meet regularly to discuss your strengths and areas for growth and set new goals.

What are BEON’s holiday, vacation, and sick leave policies?+

We believe in maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and that taking time off is important. You have two weeks of paid annual leave plus ten national holidays per year, so you can choose the ones from your country if you want. For these days or other reasons for PTO, like a medical emergency or a sick day, your TEM™ will help you.

At BEON, we value open and consistent communication as the key to an excellent remote work experience.

How often my performance will be reviewed?+

To guarantee stability, and ensure you can stay focused and motivated in your professional growth, we want you to have regular check-ins. To support these goals, we provide performance reviews every six months.

What kind of companies does partner with?+

We only work with innovative U.S. companies that are building disruptive products and are very well funded, usually with more than US$10MM in the last year. One of the main qualities we keep in mind when choosing companies to partner with is that they offer long-term relationships with no end date.

Culture and perks

What’s the Welcome Package?+

We want to make sure you start working with the right equipment, so we provide a Welcome Package of US$1,500 to acquire a new Macbook Pro. If the client you are working with has requirements for additional hardware, we’ll take care of that.

Do you have additional benefits?+

Of course. They include English classes with a native Boston teacher, co-working spaces, and technical workshops.

When you join BEON, you are welcomed into a cool and casual work environment where you can participate in multiple games and activities to win amazing monthly prizes as part of our Rewards Program. The annual winner receives two plane tickets to New York.

Do you have a wellness program?+

We care about the mental health and wellbeing of our outstanding talent. That’s why we offer psychotherapy sessions, in-office massages, and flexible hours.

Career path

Could I switch to another project?+

The goal is for you to find all your desired challenges and motivations in your current project, so you can have a stable and long-term work environment. But let’s face it, sometimes it’s good to get a fresh start and, in that case, your TEM™ will work alongside you to help you take the next step in your career.

Do you have a re-skilling program?+

We offer unlimited online training within many educational platforms such as Udemy, Educación IT, and O’Reilly. We also provide the resources you need to get the AWS certification if you’re interested.

About BEON

BEON simplifies access to 5-star Latin American developers to join your team for the long term. Every team member works in a compatible timezone with the U.S. creating an agile and quick turnaround environment, making it perfect for companies looking for strong team integration.

About the process for onboarding elite remote developers

How long will it take to access top talent?+

We'll start delivering profiles within the 1st and 3rd day, and there is no need to sign an agreement until we match you with your ideal teammate. The total timeframe to execute the first allocation generally ranges from 2-4 weeks and gets reduced once the pipeline gets filled.

What documentation will I need to sign?+

We have a standard MSA for talent allocations in which we cover IP and general compliance. Additionally, we sign one SOW per profile onboarded.

How many candidates will you share with me?+

Depending on the role, we may present between 2 and 5 candidates. Typically 1 of 3 developers that we submit is hired.

May I interview the candidates?+

Definitely. You can have your team conduct any additional screenings you think are appropriate. Let’s face it, you’ll be working alongside someone, so it’s important for you to determine the level of rapport you can generate right off the bat and to make sure the candidate meets your technical requirements.

About the terms and conditions of the contract

Do you have minimum commitments?+

Our agreements include a 30-day termination notice and we work with full-time allocations.

How much notice do you require for termination?+

You can off-board members with 30 days’ notice.

Do you have a U.S. entity?+

Yes, we make it easy for you. You can issue the 1099-NEC form.

About the vetting process

How do you assess candidates culturally?+

All candidates go through a Matching Call in which we evaluate soft skills such as proactivity, flexibility, communication skills, and other characteristics top-tier talent must have to do well in the best positions.

How do you evaluate the technical level of each candidate?+

Our evaluation methods have evolved non-stop since we started in this industry. Each candidate goes through a One-on-One Technical Assessment with a technical leader who validates effective problem solving, learning speed, software development theory comprehension, and technical vocabulary fluency.

What is the English proficiency of the candidates?+

Fluent or advanced. We only work with people who can jump on a call and have a conversation that supports top-level collaboration.

How do you get the best developers?+

For starters, we give them the majority of the paycheck, not a fraction of it as old-school development companies do. We seek companies like yours that take a high-tech approach and value disruption, innovation, organization, and talent. Together with our 5-star Glassdoor rating and multiple Great Place to Work® awards, these qualities make our job opportunities attractive and impossible to resist for the most talented professionals.

The hard ones

What about replacements?+

While we focus on the developer experience and we have one of the lowest attrition rates in the industry, a replacement may be necessary. In that case, we make it a top priority for our HR team to provide candidates who are advanced in the pipeline.

Are all of your engineers on standby or do you do real-time hires?+

We do not have a developer bench, and there is a reason: having a top developer on the bench means that they are unaware of what project they will work on, which can reduce motivation. By providing a custom vetted pool of remote software jobs that's always available, we make real-time hires that allow developers choose the next big step in their careers.

How do you distribute paychecks?+

Aligned with our low attrition policy, we pay developers most of the paycheck. We keep around 25% to offer even better benefits and personalized career plans to the brightest developers so they’ll stick around for the long run.


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