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Nasdaq Private Market (NPM), acquired by NASDAQ in 2015, operates as a global electronic trading marketplace. Focusing on larger private companies, NPM provides custom liquidity solutions to bolster their growth and expansion endeavors. Last year, NPM approached us to collaborate with them in search of exceptional QA engineers. Our team seamlessly adapted to their processes and technology, efficiently enhancing DevOps practices to streamline workflows.
The platform that facilitates secondary market trading for brokers, shareholders, and prospective investors
NPM (Nasdaq Private Market) is a trading platform that provides liquidity solutions to private companies at various stages of development. With a proven track record of facilitating over $40 billion in transactions and establishing 400 partnerships, NPM is a reliable choice. Additionally, NPM has collaborated with over 100,000 individuals, including employees, stakeholders, and investors.

To ensure comprehensive solutions, we prioritize maintaining high-quality standards, guidelines, and procedures. This is where our dedicated team of QA engineers plays a crucial role.



July 2023


79 members


3 full-time devs


4 weeks

How we turned NPM’s platform around

The goal
NPM has contacted us to establish and nurture a long-term partnership with QA developers who reside in the same time zones and possess a comprehensive skill set.
The challenge
Throughout this partnership, our goals were to:

  1. Effectively source, recruit, and onboard highly skilled QA software engineers, achieving new benchmarks for speed.
  2. Fully understand the developers' needs and offer invaluable support, ensuring their satisfaction and bolstering their dedication to the project.
  3. Cultivate a long-term relationship between the client's in-house team and our QA professionals.
The impact
When joining NPM, the QA engineers seamlessly took charge of processes, enhancing internal DevOps and fostering collaboration to support the growth of NPM's tech team. How? Their rapid learning curve and exceptional performance not only resulted in their active involvement in recruiting new tech talent but also in administering technical assessments.

Moreover, our Talent Experience Manager (TEM) guided developers through each project step, providing constructive feedback to refine their performance and nurture their skill sets. Through regular bimonthly meetings, the TEM also ensured clients were well-informed about project progress.

The pivotal role of the Talent Experience Manager is highly valued by the NPM team, instilling confidence in developers and ensuring their motivation and workflow are well-managed. The developers continue to add value to every QA project they undertake, leveraging their deep industry knowledge and seamlessly integrating with NPM's internal team.

A framework focused on retention

At, we deeply recognize the significance of people as a company's most valuable asset. To ensure that technical talent is aligned with the core goals of the business, a comprehensive talent experience strategy is imperative.

This is precisely where our Talent Experience Management Framework™ steps in. With our Talent Experience Framework, we diligently support the careers of software developers, ensuring their motivation and dedication through the assignment of dedicated Talent Experience Managers (TEMs).

Ultimately, companies can reap the multitude of benefits offered by this framework. By guaranteeing skilled and passionate professionals are in the right positions at the right time, long-term success becomes a reality. We have successfully implemented this framework with every NPM developer we provide.
We keep track of the engagement and productivity of each team member.
We care about our developers' emotions, enthusiasm, and expectations.
We identify areas for growth and provide support to help our talented individuals thrive and be recognized.

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